First blog post


Week 1

IMG_2369On the first day of class of Digital Imaging we got introduced to the first project which was called Hyper Realism. Our first Assignment was two come up with 3-5 concepts and start thinking about what matters each individual. Our main focus had to be based on an environmental issue.

Week 2 


The environmental issue I chose was water pollution because it is a very important problem we should be aware of. Considering the fact the only five percent of water on earth is drinkable. The assignment was to sketch 5 compositions that fit the environmental problem. This was the sketch that I chose to base my final project on.

Week 3

Lake We finally started working on our progress for our Hyper realism project and we learned a few main tools. The teacher showed us how to use the selection tool in order to copy things and paste them the way you want to. She also taught us how to make a reflection on water which highly inspired my setting to be in a body of water.

Week 4 

Hyper Realism

The teacher reviewed my project and and advised me to add a few things that would make my composition stronger. A main factor included making my visual representation be positioned in the rule of thirds. Other little details were discussed but successfully improved and happy to finish.

Week 5


New concepts were assigned to be developed for the new project that we started called Cubism. I Decided to base my cubism project on the idea of making a flier that promotes the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Although I had many other concepts I felt that these visual shapes helped inspire my cubist style.

Week 7

img_1342We were assigned sketches to come up with different design that fit our concepts. Based on analyzation this was one of the strongest sketches to work on and develop. In class we looked at many other different Cubism styles to work on that could inspire or relate to our own.

Week 8

CubismThis was the progress of my project but came to realize it did not fit the cubist style I was going for. Going forward I am looking to improve and take the teachers advice to help make this a better related Cubism styled composition. I was advised to keep these shapes but to make them larger and put pictures in them.

Week 9